Wedding Veils and the Wind

March 25, 2022

One of our very favorite Wedding Day shots is the flowy veil shot. The classic shot of the veil blowing in the wind. This shot is often captured after the Ceremony, during the Bride and Groom's romantic photo session.

You do take a chance though, when your Ceremony is outdoors. You can't control which way the wind will blow. Different types of veils will fly differently. The weight will determine how it flows and falls.

A beaded veil will drop a lot faster and more uniformly. Lace will flow more. A sheer veil will drop the slowest and even catch the wind. A veil weight may help in this case.

We're not quite sure what happened here. It was a windy day at the Sweet Magnolia Estate last week. The little ones carrying the train may have tried to hold on tightly as the wind lifted the veil, or it simply blew off.

We love that the Bride smiled. It made for a memorable giggle moment. She embraced the moment. She and her Groom will look back on this moment and laugh.

Her Maid of Honor came to rescue and pinned it back on for the Ceremony. Our advice when things don't go as planned: Embrace the imperfections that happen on your Wedding Day, its part of life.