There's No Place like Home to say"I Do"

August 18, 2023

Who says a wedding has to be traditional and formal? This backyard wedding just took coolness to a whole new level. Your special day should be a reflection of you - unique, intimate and full of love.

Our bride, radiant and carefree, added a unique twist to her stunning gown - white sneakers! And let's not forget the groom, rocking his own white sneakers adding an extra touch of fun and personality to their special day. And it doesn't stop there. Even the adorable ring bearer, carrying his ring security case, and the sweet flower girl are stepping up the game with matching white sneakers. These little fashion icons are stealing hearts as they strut down the aisle like mini superstars. Love is all about breaking traditions and embracing comfort while celebrating your big day. Cheers to the happy couple and their love story.

So go ahead, dream big and design the wedding of your dreams right in the comfort of your own backyard. The possibilities are endless. From elegant garden soirees, rustic vintage affairs to glamorous bohemian vibes. When it comes to celebrating love, there truly is no place like home.