The Bridesmaids' First Look

June 30, 2023

After hours and hours of trying on wedding dresses you finally say Yes to the Dress! Fast forward to the big day and there's no better feeling than slipping on your wedding gown. It deserves its own special moment.

Getting ready is a busy and hectic part of the pre-wedding festivities. The excitement and anticipation of the big day is building. You may feel some last-minute jitters or nerves about your walk down the aisle.

A  great way to calm nerves is to plan the Bridesmaids' First Look. After getting ready together with hair and makeup, the Bride makes way to another room to put on her gown and accessories. She's often with her mother, mother-in-law or Maid of Honor. The Bridesmaids change at the same time. Once everyone is ready, the Bride steps back into the room for their reaction. It's a chance to savor the moment and bond with your Bridesmaids. It's an atmosphere of relaxation and assurance.

Your Wedding Photographer is in the loop and ready to take candid photographs capturing reactions in real-time. They'll be lots of giggles, hugs and happy tears. These small moments celebrating love and friendship contribute to a truly unforgettable wedding day.

Planning a Bridesmaids' First Look doesn't require too much planning or preparation. Here are few tips:

* Make sure you factor in enough time on your wedding day timeline. You want to prevent unnecessary delays and stress.

* Discuss your plans with your wedding planner, photographer and videographer so they can plan accordingly.

* Make sure you have the space. Bride and Bridesmaids will each need a private place to change.

* If using the getting-ready room - tidy it up.

* And lastly - don't forget to tell your Bridesmaids! Don't leave them wondering where you went.